List of Speech Descriptions

Following is a list of presentations that can be presented by Mr. Iezzi for a variety of functions, from luncheon and dinner speeches, to one or two day seminars. The cost will vary depending on the length of the presentation and the intended audience. Some presentations are provided free of charge except for normal out-of-pocket expenses.

If your organization has an upcoming function requiring a nationally recognized speaker with 30 years of management experience in the legal profession, then you are encouraged to call John at (804) 342-1206 or email your requirements to him at

Financial Management:

"Sophisticated Financial Management-One Step Beyond the Budget,"

This seminar discusses the financial management process from creation of the initial budget through to effective financial reporting. It can be presented in a 1 1/2 hour, 3 hour or 6 hour session and is suitable as an educational seminar for newly appointed administrators as well as those who are more experienced and need to expand their knowledge in the financial management area. It is Mr. Iezzi's most popular presentation and the one most requested by new as well as experienced law firm managers. At this session, Mr. Iezzi gives each participant a copy of his Financial Planning Model.

"Preparation, Use and Analysis of Statistical Surveys,"

This is a 45 minute presentation which has been very popular at regular ALA luncheon meetings. In this presentation, Mr. Iezzi discusses the value of survey information, including preparation, analysis and interpretation of the data, to assist firms in achieving its long-term profitability goals.

"Enhancing Profitability in the Law Firm,"

In this 45 to 50 minute presentation, Mr. Iezzi discusses the direct and indirect profitability levers which are important to obtaining financial success. It is appropriate for ALA luncheon meetings, as part of an overall seminar on financial management or at managing partner functions.

"Practice Area Profitability - Getting Rid of the Loss Leaders"

As firms further their efforts to improve profits, emphasis is now being placed on closely examining various practice areas and determining which ones should be eliminated, increased or instituted. In this presentation, Mr. Iezzi provides a detailed description on how this analysis is prepared, the pitfalls to avoid and how to use the information once prepared. The presentation can be structured for a 45 - 60 minute presentation, or one that last 2 - 3 hours, depending on the audience and level of detail desired.

Strategic Planning:

"Survivability and Profitability In the Next Millennium",

This presentation covers many of the issues facing the profession as we enter the next decade and beyond in the context of the strategic planning process. This 60 to 75 minute presentation has been given at partner retreats, ALA functions such as managing partners' dinners, or as a seminar keynote address. It has also been given at Bar association meetings. Partners in particular have enjoyed this presentation.

"Partner Matters,"

Strategic issues involving the partners such as the important elements in developing compensation systems, characteristics of the multi-tier partnership structure and methods of handling the ownership of the firm both from a cash and accrual standpoint are discussed in detail. This presentation usually last approximately three hours and can be given alone or incorporated into the financial management seminar noted above.

"The Issue of Mergers,"

Expansion is a critical element in the strategic plan of most law firms. In this 45 to 50 minute presentation, Mr. Iezzi emphasizes the significant issues that must be addressed, discusses implementation of policies and procedures once the merger takes place and covers on-going management issues. This presentation is appropriate for ALA luncheons, managing partner functions, or can be incorporated into some of the other presentations as part of an overall seminar.

"Associates: Giving the Most to Them;

Getting the Most Out of Them" In this 45-50 minute presentation, Mr. Iezzi focuses on how firms can get maximum benefits from its most valuable resource: its associate attorneys. This examination of associate issues includes orientation and training, formal evaluation and counseling activities, partner admission policies and the summer associate program. Mr. Iezzi will emphasize the manner in which successful firms are dealing with these issues to create a "WIN-WIN" atmosphere. This presentation is particularly appropriate for managing partner functions.

General Management:

"Governance, Role and Survival of the Legal Administrator,"

This presentation discusses the position of the Legal Administrator in relation to his/her authority, responsibility and compensation. Mr. Iezzi concludes with a discussion of his now famous "10 Rules of Survival for the Legal Administrator." This is a 45 to 50 minute presentation and is appropriate for ALA luncheons or as a keynote address at a general seminar sponsored by ALA Chapters.

"Part-Time Management - Has Its Time Arrived?"

With law firms outsourcing everything from messenger services to attorneys, is it possible that soon it will also investigate the use of legal managers on a basis other than full-time? In this presentation, Mr. Iezzi discusses his practice of managing several firms at the same time and whether it is a potential career path for the more experienced legal administrator. He will discuss how the process works and review many of the issues that must be addressed prior to taking on such an assignment. This session is primarily designed for those experienced managers who may be looking for new opportunities in the field of legal administration.


"How Technology Affects Implementation of the Strategic Plan,"

Mr. Iezzi has made this speech as the keynote address at seminars dealing with technology issues in which he stresses the need for technology planning to assist the firm in implementation of its overall firm plan. It is a 45 to 50 minute presentation and can be used either in a seminar situation, at ALA luncheons, or managing partner functions. This presentation was given at two Legal Tech conferences.

"Alternative Billing Methods,"

As firms increase their use of technology, they also need to be more cognizant of the need to be more creative in their billing methods. This presentation, which is 20 to 25 minutes in length, discusses the importance of evaluating billing habits and determining whether changes are required in light of the effect of technology on billable hour production. This presentation is appropriate for a technology seminar or as part of a panel discussion.


"Developing the Successful Marketing Plan",

In order to develop a successful Strategic Marketing Plan, the Firm must first make certain that its overall Strategic Plan is in place and that the marketing is targeted to those clients that produce the highest level of profits. In this presentation, Mr. Iezzi discusses the relationship between these very important concepts to include the marketing tools available to the firm and to individuals along with the key ingredients required to insure profitability from the marketing efforts. This is a 55 - 60 minute presentation and is excellent for partnership meetings, retreats, managing partner functions or bar functions.

Excerpts from evaluations of previous seminars given by Mr. Iezzi:

1. From a 135 lawyer firm - "Excellent presentation. Covered most of the key topics that I am facing currently. Provided excellent insight into how to motivate the firm to do better."

2. From a 34 lawyer firm - "I wouldn't have missed this presentation for anything."

3. From a 16 lawyer firm - "Thanks for a very informative, useful seminar. My approach to partners will improve significantly as a result of attending."

4. From a 46 law firm - "Should have been attended by all managing partners."

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